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Old 02-19-2002
Question Unix Backed up with Windows NT?

We are running a Windows NT environment and have a stand alone Unix box. Is there software that would allow this Unix machine to be backed up along with our routine Windows NT backups? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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Old 02-21-2002
Quick and dirty way would be to install Samba (search the forum for details) and map the UNIX box as a drive on your NT server and back it up like that.

otherwise most back-up software vendors have UNIX versions of their product that you can use.

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Old 02-21-2002
Warrend....Thanks for the tip

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Old 02-21-2002
Another option would be to ufsdump the filesystem to a file and gzip and then ftp the file to a NT box to be backed up on tape with the rest of the NT systems.

It could all be part of a regular cronjob.
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