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Old 02-15-2002
network card physical reset error

Hi all

I am facing some problem with network card
i am using solaris8 and on sunultra10 .As it is my firewal machine i have got on backup harddisk for any emergency.

In one hardidsk while installation only hme0 interface was configured and in the backup hard disk qfe0/hme0 both are configured and now due to some problem i am puting the backup hard disk and trying to boot One error is coming like

there is no interface hme0
SW Hme0 phy reset error this message is coming continuously.
for qfe0 interface also the same mesage is coming.
But when i am putting the oringinal harddisk both the interfaces are succesfully configured.

please i wan't the back disk to be used for some time.

waiting for ur suggestion.
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