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Old 01-01-2002
Question Unix Commands for Telnet

Hi I am new to unix. I have a question: what are all the unix commands that I have to do for telnet for my site www.supremexbox.com. My server is www.your-site.com.
Please help me. Thanks.
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Old 01-03-2002

Unix commands for telnet are found in the man pages under telnet.

Just type " man telnet " and you'll get heaps of options....try that first - then try and be more specific with what you are trying to do here...Smilie
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Old 01-03-2002
if you don't know what should you do to create a telnet connection, you should see telnet manual.

. user$ man telnet

and if you still dont know exactly what you should do or type after telnet connection established, i suggest you to read some papers about BASIC UNIX COMMAND,
here's the example URL:
. http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/
. http://falcon.jmu.edu/unix/basic.shtml
or you can find some pages from GOOGLE (http://google.com).
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