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Old 11-13-2001
Computer System Accounting

How do I enable System Accounting on Solaris 8? In Solaris 7 I would copy the /usr/lib/acct file to S22acct and start it like that. That doesn't seem to be an option in Solaris 8.

Thanks for your help!
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Old 11-13-2001

To enable the SAR subsystem to function on solaris, you need to enable
its daemons and data collectors.
cd to /etc/init.d
vi perf, and remove the comments
cd /etc/rc2.d or some other directory that is used for your run-level startup, and see that there is a file that is linked to /etc/init.d/perf.
Mine was /etc/rc2.d/S21perf.
run that file, to be sure all is ok, so "/etc/rc2.d/S21perf start"
run the "sar -A" command, to be sure it is working.
crontab -e sys ----> to uncomment the lines for sar.
Thats it !!!
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Old 11-23-2007
some accounting courses

Hi dear, I am taking some accounting courses at my school. I just am wondering if I could get help with my choice of Accounting. I know Accounting is a great career but what can I really get from majoring in Accounting and possibly working in this field. What are well-paid jobs I can apply to after school? Also which schools are the best for accounting both in undergrad and grad so that I can start researching them and apply to them next year?
Arizona Employee Handbook

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