Is ccrypt AES 256 bit crypto secure enough?

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Special Forums Cybersecurity Is ccrypt AES 256 bit crypto secure enough?
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Old 06-13-2014

You can download the source code to any cipher and impliment it, strictly speaking, they are all open source, including MD6.

The block size and key size are always a factor but strictly speaking you should never need to impliment a stream cipher with a value greater than !n20

I should have called myself Kiss-Ass when I join your forum!

Lets look at what we can find and download for free on the Wiki...

RipeMD160 No attacks known. All results concern simplified variants.

Then we have Keccak, Fugue, ECHO, Blue Midnight Wish, Skein, Groestl, Tiger, Botan, SANDstorm, SWIFFTX... All with no known attack vector!

Some of them wont stand up to cryptanalysis but getting around them is a whole new kettle of fish!


Dont you just love it when you read the news and hear people that dont know the first thing about programming saying "we'll decrypt the web"... Have they been smoking crack?

Awesome thing about some of the technology in use before all this crazy crap started, some of it already impliments Open Hardware, that means the Cryptographic Hash Functions are built in, they have to be - to protect Buisness from Spies & Insider Trading! An it goes without saying to keep "the real Cyber Criminals" Out!

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