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Old 10-02-2001
Question Display variable


Im trying to change the display setting from my Linux server to Linux workstation but a Refused connection by server appear.

The first task that I doing is to export the DISPLAY variable on my Linux Workstation so I tried to execute several X programs with the Refused Connection message.

Anybody can help me?

Thanks and Regards
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Old 10-02-2001
X is your friend...

Now repeat that in a crowded room 20 times, see who looks at you, they can help...

Just kidding, you need to allow connections incoming to your display. Now, this is easy in most unices, and I don't know if I'm off or not given taht you're on Linux.. Here goes:

What is lacking is an allowed connection to your Xserver. Picture it like this, the display (screen) you want to paint the grapohics on is the "server", you must allow it to accept sconnections from "guests" that want to paint graphics on the display. To do this, you used to type an "xhost + ip.of.host.youknow". This allows for host based authentication of connections to the Xserver. This is about as secure as the "r" services, but i's not terrible if you.re careful. Now, sometimes, you can get frustrated and just want it to WORK NOW!!! In those rare cases (snicker), you can of course type in "xhost +", this opens to connections for ANYONE. Meaning that your display can output the graphics from any host. That's not all, so this is bad, you REALLY want to keep tabs on your XSERVER. Try not to do this unless you are NOT connected to an external network.
X is really confusing and I certainly don't understand all of it, jeez, I still use the kindergarten example from above that my first real boss gave to me. I have to picture it in my head, and it's still weird. If you're really interested in how confyusing and complex X can be, might I suggest the X Library, I forget who prints them, but I think it was around 11 volumes, all having to do with X, it's protocol, it's uses, and it's programming API.


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Old 10-02-2001

One more thing

man is you rfriend here, and if you haven't done the updatedb, do that and use man -k and a keyword that you want to look for "man -k X | more", that should give you some ideas as to what commands will be helpful...

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