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Old 10-01-2001
Security Newsletter

Bruce Schneier has released a special edition of his monthly Crypto-Gram security newsletter. This issue discusses security & technology topics relating to the September 11th attack. It is not strictly Unix related, but I think it is well worth the read as it contains a lot of well-though out, interesting information.
Recommended reading for anyone interested in techology. (it is long: approx 18 pages)

Those of you in the US, if nothing else read the last section entitled "How to Help". A quote from the article:

"We have less than 100 hours before Congress acts on legislation that will (a) significantly expand the use of Carnivore, (b) make computer hacking a form of terrorism, (c) expand electronic surveillance in routine criminal investigations, and (d) reduce government accountability."

Check it out, and post your comments here.

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Newsletter email block.

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Discussion started by: galford
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secsetup(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       secsetup(8)

       secsetup - enable the enhanced security features


       The command is an interactive facility that allows you to enable the enhanced security features on your system.	You must first have loaded
       the enhanced security subset onto your system before running the command.

       The command allows you to configure your system either for security auditing, trusted path, enhanced login, or  any  combination  of  those
       features.  In addition, the command may add lines to the file.  To remove entries from the you must edit it by hand.  The command only adds
       lines to this file if they aren't already present.  You can run while the system is in multiuser mode (however,	some  inconsistencies  may
       result  from  this.   See the Security Guide for Administrators for more information).  To run type the following and then answer the ques-
       tions that follow:
       # /usr/etc/sec/secsetup
       Depending on the security features chosen, when completes you may need to replace your system's kernel and reboot the system.  For example,
       chosing either the security auditing or trusted path feature may require you to re-build your kernel.

See Also
       set_audit_mask(8), auth(5), svc.conf(5)
       Security Guide for Administrators


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