how to Hide Passwords From UNIX ps Command

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Old 09-15-2009
how to Hide Passwords From UNIX ps Command

By reporting the process status with ps, any Unix user will see the command line arguments
#ps -ef
lsc 13837 13825 0 May 11 pts/17 0:01 -ksh
oracle 4698 6294 0 12:00:40 ? 0:00 sqlplus -s system/manager
appluser 4229 4062 0 12:00:03 ? 0:00 sqlldr scott/tiger

So this is a security issue.
1.How the password should not be stored in a shell environment variable
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Old 09-15-2009
This topic has been discussed many many times on this forum and elsewhere. A simple search of this forum or the Internet will show you many ways to accomplish what you want to do. For example I entered "oracle hide password" in the forum search box and got overy 10 pages of replies.
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Old 09-15-2009
For Oracle, one way is to store the program in a file and get Oracle to execute it.

sqlplus /NOLOG @programname.sql

Within the file programname.sql the first line will be an Oracle "CONNECT" statement, for example:
connect SYS/change_on_install as SYSDBA ;

This method is really the normal way and by having the program in a file avoids the clash with shell from characters such as "$" .
Don't forget to protect the file from prying eyes with unix permissions.

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