Calling All (BEA & Aptsoft) CEP Professionals

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Old 01-26-2008
Calling All (BEA & Aptsoft) CEP Professionals

Sat, 26 Jan 2008 01:32:21 +0000
A couple of days ago Paul suggested politely that consultants working for some of the smaller niche CEP (mostly ESP) vendors might want to consider a career at TIBCO’s expanding CEP practice.
Since then, all h3LL seems to have broken loose.
First we had Oracle announcing its takeover of BEA. Then a few days later, IBM goes and buys Aptsoft, and by virtue of buying a small CEP vendor, some of the big cheeses from the IBM Websphere division are now feeling empowered and are trying to rename CEP to BEP ( Business Event Processing ).
What an exciting world we live in!
So we hereby duly extend the invitation to any CEP professionals who may have recently joined BEA with the idea of working on their OEM’ed stream processing platform or Aptsoft with their newly branded "BEP" tool. This includes developers, too, (you know who you are.)
As Paul relayed in his latest blog, TIBCO has some very interesting CEP technology just released and also being baked in the labs that could be very interesting for CEP specialists…
While we are on the subject, Paul and I were debating which CEP vendor will get bought out next? Here are our guesses (with tongue firmly in cheek of course):
- Microsoft opens an eye and buys into a .NET-available CEP technology. However, they don’t smell the coffee and put it into the .NET framework until at least 2 years later.
- Oracle puts CEP firmly into the SQL camp, and continues to just be another player in the market - squashing the BEA work, and not deploying any CEP in its vertical apps for at least 2 years (indeed it will take 2 years to sort out a merged Oracle - BEA roadmap, let alone deliver anything with a future)
- IBM having recently bought Aptsoft, doesn’t know it has bought a CEP vendor because of the re-branding and follows the BEA model and licenses an open source CEP tool to deploy in some parts of their Websphere line.
- SAP buys Progress and gets Apama (and Mercedes sales in Cambridge UK see a spike).


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