Coral8 Developer?s License

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Old 12-09-2007
Coral8 Developer?s License

Tim Bass
Sun, 09 Dec 2007 05:03:08 +0000
I agree with Marc Adler regarding, Coral8 and Transparency.***
Marc discusses the the fact that Coral8 lets you download their*full development environment without any requirement to get a license key.** A Coral8 license is only needed when you move into production.* This is really great for kicking the tires and looking under the hood.
There is something I wish Coral8 would change, however.
Coral8’s development license, as I read it,*is only valid*for a single CPU machine.** However, most folks today run multiple CPUs even in their development environment, especially if they are running Linux.**If you want to*do any development on a multiple CPU machine you have to*contact Coral8.
In my opinion, it*would be good if Coral8 would open their “easy” development license up to multiple CPU Linux servers since most of us run multiple CPU Linux servers even in the development environment.

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