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Is Google Voice a Threat to AT&T?

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Old 08-07-2009
Is Google Voice a Threat to AT&T?

by David Pogue, NYT Our story so far: Chapter 1: Apple creates the iPhone. Chapter 2: Apple opens the App Store, an online catalog of cheap or free programs that you can download straight to the phone. Programmers all over the world write 70,000 apps for it that perform every amazing feat you can name. Chapter 3: One of [...]


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ppdpo - ppd message catalog generator SYNOPSIS
ppdpo [ -D name[=value] ] [ -I include-directory ] [ -o output-file ] source-file DESCRIPTION
ppdpo extracts UI strings from PPDC source files and updates either a GNU gettext or Mac OS X strings format message catalog source file for translation. The -D option sets the named variable for use in the source file. It is equivalent to using the #define directive in the source file. The -I option specifies an alternate include directory; multiple -I options can be supplied to add additional directories. The -o option specifies the output file. The supported extensions are ".po" or ".po.gz" for GNU gettext format message catalogs and ".strings" for Mac OS X strings files. SEE ALSO
ppdc(1), ppdhtml(1), ppdi(1), ppdmerge(1), ppdcfile(5) http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
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