How to compile a c program in freeBSD

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Operating Systems BSD How to compile a c program in freeBSD
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Old 01-21-2008
CPU & Memory How to compile a c program in freeBSD

Hi ,

I have freeBSD installed. I need to compile a c program which has embedded informix sql statement in it.
Can you please help me to to do the same. I need to know what I should I do to make BSD compatable to compile the c program ?

Thanks in advance
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Old 01-21-2008
For embedded informix SQL statements,

compile it with esql

and include as $INFORMIXDIR to include header files

Its better to create a makefile to ease the process
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Old 01-21-2008
Thanks for your time
I am very new to this freeBSD. we are still in the middle of getiing it started. There was no issues while installing it. So can u please expalin me how this can be done. I understad that I should include the $INFORMIXDIR along with the header files. How about all the other header files? Should i copy that to here or freeBSD comes with a c compiler?
Can u please give me a bit more wide information related to this.
Thanks in advance
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Old 02-13-2008
FreeBSD comes gcc. All the regular header files are there in /usr/include. I don't know about informix stuff though.
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