Sarcheck - gnuplot 3.7.1

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Operating Systems AIX Sarcheck - gnuplot 3.7.1
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Old 02-25-2008
Sarcheck - gnuplot 3.7.1

Good Afternoon,

I'm having an issue finding the correct libX11.a fileset on my 595 running AIX Currently I'm trying to instal Sarcheck on my nim master. The problem occurs during the GNUPLOT installation.

error: failed dependencies:

libX11.a(shr4.o) is needed by gnuplot-3.7.1-1

I have libX11.a but can't identify which will have (shr4.o) on it. Also I found gnuplot-3.7.1-1.src.rpm on the LINUX Toolbox cd. When I install the fileset thru smitty or command line the installation completes successfully without identifying requisites or errors. But when I go to verify the fileset I get the following message.

# rpm -ivh gnuplot-3.7.1-1.src.rpm

# lslpp -L *gnuplot*

lslpp: Fileset *gnuplot* not installed.

Can anyone help me understand this issue and how to resolve it?

Vincent Smilie
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Old 02-27-2008
you will not find an installed rpm with lslpp, lslpp just shows installed lpps (Licensed Program Product)

you find installed rpms with

rpm -qa | grep gnuplot

and with rpm -ql you see the content of the package

libX11.a should lie in /usr/lib

if it's there, maybe gnuplot expects another version of it, if not try to link it from another directory
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Old 02-27-2008
Originally Posted by funksen
you will not find an installed rpm with lslpp, lslpp just shows installed lpps (Licensed Program Product)
Sorry to correct you, but lslpp -L shows installed rpm-packages as well with a Type field (the 4th column) content of "R".

@vincent1117: what you have installed is the *source* version of the package, you need to install the (ppc-)binary version. The source version only contains the sources and headers, makefiles, etc., not the library itself.

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Old 02-29-2008
oh thats right, good to know and sorry for the wrong answer, I was pretty sure about that
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