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Operating Systems AIX Static Routes question
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Old 02-25-2008
Static Routes question

I added a static route through smit using:
Communications applications and Services ==>
Further Configuration ==>
Static Routes ==>
Add a Static Route ==>
Route Type of host
Filled in Destination Address, Default Gateway Address and Network Interface of en0.

This works fine and am able to FTP to this address, but after a few minutes the static route is no longer there. What would cause this to be removed and what do I have to do to make it permanent? Thank you.
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Old 02-26-2008
Static routes do not just go away. If you define them by "route add ...." they should at least last until the next reboot (of forced detach of the inet0 pseudodevice), if you change them with "chdev ...inet0..." they should survive the next reboot. If you do it with SMIT the latter should be the case, so something is going wrong here.

Please post the OS level and any installed OS extensions (is this a HACMP cluster?, some other cluster software?, PSSP/Cluster1600/CSM running? etc.) and the output of "lsattr -El inet0" to further investigate the problem.

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Old 02-26-2008
Hi bakunin,
I believe I have solved my problem if I add it with the Route Type of "net" option instead of the "host" option it does not go away. The OS Level is 5200-03. I was having the same "problem" on test and the OS Level is 5200-10. Here is the output of lsattr:
authm 65536 Authenticati
on Methods True
bootup_option no Use BSD-styl
e Network Configuration True
gateway Gateway
hostname lawprod Host Name
rout6 IPv6 Route
route host,-hopcount,0,,,,, Route
route net,-hopcount,0,,,,, Route
route net,-hopcount,0,,0, Route
route host,-hopcount,0,,-if,en1,,, Route

This of course shows after I added the static route I was having trouble with. Thank you for your response.
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