AIX and port trunking / high availability

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Operating Systems AIX AIX and port trunking / high availability
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Old 02-23-2008
AIX and port trunking / high availability

Hi all
I was just wondering what modes AIX supports for port trunking ( bonding, etherchannel, link aggregation or whatever you want to call it )

I'm in particular looking for a high availability mode ( other than 802.3ad )
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Old 02-23-2008
There is a construct named "EtherChannel" which can either be used for load balancing or for achieving high availability. You might want to read this link:EtherChannel configuration considerations for further information about the topic.

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Old 02-23-2008
Yes I know, We've been using Etherchannel 802.3ad(LACP) for a while but I don't like it. Or at least not how the switches handle a switch failure. To explain, we have a switch stack of 4 switches and some of the more important AIX hosts use etherchannel(802.3ad) Short time ago we lost 2 switches out of 4 from the stack because of power interruption. The remaining switches automaticly put all etherchannel port in admin down state and the back up to normal. The result was that we lost all connection to those host that were using etherchannel for about 5-10 sec. But the point of having these hosts on etherchannel was to make sure we always had a connection.
So now I'm looking for alternitive methods for high availability.
On linux there is a bonding mode called "Broadcast"(mode 3) which I think would solve my issue but from what I've read in the link you gave me I don't see that AIX has that feature.

What are people using for high availability network connections ?
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