Simultaneous searching for files (names matching certain criteria) in several directo

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Operating Systems AIX Simultaneous searching for files (names matching certain criteria) in several directo
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Old 02-13-2008
Simultaneous searching for files (names matching certain criteria) in several directo

Hello everyone,
My OS is AIX 5.2
I would like some help in getting command syntax that does the following:
1. Searches simultaneously several directories downward;
2. Checks every subdirectory in each directory (and so on...) for file names that contain certain characters such as ~, start or end (or both) with # sign, start with tset;
3. Displays these files first with the option of deletion;
4. Or: one command for displaying and another for deleting
Thank you to all responders.
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ff_hfs(1M)																ff_hfs(1M)

ff_hfs: ff - list file names and statistics for HFS file system SYNOPSIS
num] num] inode-list] num] file] prefix] special ... DESCRIPTION
The command reads the i-list and directories of each special file special, assuming it to be an HFS file system, saving i-node data for files that match the selection criteria. Output consists of the path name for each saved i-node, plus any other file information requested using the print options below. Output fields are positional. The output is produced in i-node order; fields are separated by tabs. The default line produced by contains the path name and i-number fields. With all options specified, the output fields include path name, i- number, size, and user ID. The num parameter in the options descriptions is a decimal number, where means more than num, means less than num, and num means exactly num. A day is defined as a 24-hour period. lists only a single path name out of many possible ones for an i-node with more than one link, unless you specify the option. With applies no selection criteria to the names listed. All possible names for every linked file on the file system are included in the output. On very large file systems, memory may run out before completes execution. Options and Arguments recognizes the following options and arguments: Select a file if the i-node has been accessed in num days. Select a file if the i-node has been changed in num days. Specify the HFS file system type. Generate names for any i-node specified in the inode-list. Do not display the i-node number after each path name. Generate a list of all path names for files with more than one link. Select a file associated with an i-node if it has been modified in num days. Select a file associated with an i-node if it has been modified more recently than the specified file. Add the specified prefix to each path name. The default prefix is (dot). Write the file size, in bytes, after each path name. Write the owner's login name after each path name. Echo the completed command line, but performs no other action. The command line is generated by incorporating the user-specified options and other information derived from This option allows the user to verify the command line. EXAMPLES
List the path names and i-numbers of all files in the file system Same as above, but suppress the printing of i-numbers: List files on the same file system that have been modified recently, displaying the path name, i-number, and owner's user name (the option). List only files that have been modified within the last two days (the option): List all files on the same file system, including the path name and i-number of each file, that was last accessed more than 30 days ago Find all path names associated with i-nodes and (the option): Execute the command on an HFS file system FILES
Static information about the file systems. SEE ALSO
find(1), ff(1M), ff_vxfs(1M), ncheck(1M), fstab(4). ff_hfs(1M)

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