system disks on aix 5.3

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Operating Systems AIX system disks on aix 5.3
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Old 02-18-2008
Originally Posted by ariec
second all the details that i've wrote comes from topas iostat and all the tools that you wrote.
Until now you haven't posted any "details", you just told us that the disk activity is high. If you have used "all the tools" i mentioned you should know already by now the reason for this and don't need any advice.

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Old 03-11-2008


i'm have P570 24Gram 8 CPUS AIX 5.3
in mysterious way and very sad surprise in the midle of the day when 1700 users loged in to the machine i've found a lot of defunct proccess.
the number of defunct bocome bigger and bigger 53000 proccess.
the machine become hang.
no changes in system.
the machine run application + Ingres 2006 DB.
one application who all the users do login and run this application.
there are 9 instalaions of Ingres sperates.

some one have an idea what can be the cause of this case


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Old 03-12-2008
A Zombie (a "defunct" process) is not the fault of the OS it is the fault of sloppy application programming. Without further analysis of what the 1700 users are doing on the machine your problem cannot be solved.

Anyways, 1700 users are an awful lot, if they are all connected via regular login sessions. I would *expect* problems with such a heavy load. UNIX systems are midrange systems historically and when it comes to sheer user numbers this is showing. A host system (s/390, z/OS, etc.) would handle such amounts of user sessions with ease, but a UNIX system is simply not built to cope with such numbers. I'd suggest splitting the load between several login servers (create several smaller LPARs instead of the single big one) and use an application server behind these.

I hope this helps.

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