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Old 01-02-2008

I have looked on APC webpage and searched here to find a way to configure powerchute to monitor and shutdown our servers safley when a poweroutage lasts longer then 15 minutes. the documentation i have so far is listed below but i know i am missing a step. I also called APC and they said they do not support AIX with SMART-UPS, so i am stuck any notress or direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Steps or content:
1. Obtain a copy of x-windows software. I used hummingbird - EXCEED.
2. Setup hummingbird to log on as root and target the server you would like powerchute installed.
3. Copy the pcns201.tar file from the powerchute CD via ftp to the /usr/java14/jre/bin directory
4. untar the files.
a. tar xvf pcns201.tar
5. Execute a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) session
a. java -cp .Smiliecns201.jar:swingall.jar:util.jar load
6. go through the steps of configuration. If I do not mention a step then keep the defaults.
a. Management card IP: xx.xxx.x.x
b. Username: xxx
c. Password: “xxxxxxxx”
7. logout as dmiadmin and close your xwindows session.
8. Login as root and go to /usr/PowerChute
9. copy the rc.APCpcns file to the /etc directory
a. cp -p rc.APCpcns /etc
10. Change your directory to /etc and modify the rc.APCpcns.
a. cd /etc
b. chmod 770 rc.APCpcns
c. chgrp system rc.APCpcns
d. chown root rc.APCpcns
e. vi rc.APCpcns
f. Change the INSTALL_PATH directory to /usr/PowerChute
11. go to the unix prompy in /etc as root and execute.
a. ./rc.APCpcns start
12. Your powerchute Deamon is available and running.
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