Crontab problem

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Operating Systems AIX Crontab problem
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Old 12-28-2007
Crontab problem

Hi to all.
Guys, i have a truble with oracle user crontab.
He work if i'm do
0-59 * * * * echo LOL> ~/test.txt

But not work if me set realy norm date
For example

14 17 28 12 * echo LOL> ~/test.txt
In 17:14 28 December .
In log file /var/adm/cron/log nothing....

Please help or give me please your advise, soory for my bad english .
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Old 12-28-2007
Try $HOME instead of ~
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Old 01-03-2008
People i'm understood ! My crontab don't understood 24 Hour system!
But system understood !
bash-3.00# date
Fri Dec 28 18:34:58 TASHST 2007

Then write in crontab
33 6 * * * echo "LOL"> /test.txt

In logs i see
root      : CMD ( echo "LOL"> /test.txt ) : PID ( 499876 ) : Fri Dec 28 06:33:00 2007
Cron Job with pid: 499876 Successful

In when problem ? TimeZone ? But All OK
bash-3.00# date
Fri Dec 28 18:34:58 TASHST 2007 
bash-3.00# echo $TZ

Please help me and sorry for bad english ((
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Old 05-22-2009
Why don't you try "at <timespec> command" to run process in a specific time.

refer to
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