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Old 12-21-2007
About bos.rte v=4,r<2

I have check the fileset with in AIX 4.2 and I have found this error after I type in lppchk -v. Can anyone help me out with this problem ? I am new here. Smilie
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Old 12-21-2007
Originally Posted by fla22
I have check the fileset with in AIX 4.2 and I have found this error after I type in lppchk -v.
I doubt that.

Can anyone help me out with this problem ?
Yes: read the manpage of lppchk. I have highlighted the relevant parts.


Verifies that the / (root), /usr and /usr/share parts of the
system are valid with each other
. In other words, this flag
verifies that all software products installed on the / (root) file
system are also installed on the /usr file system and, conversely,
all the software products installed in the /usr file system are
also installed on the / (root) file system. You cannot specify
FileList items with this flag.
This flag also verifies requisites.
Note: Only one of the -c, -f, -l, and -v flags can be specified
with each use of the lppchk command.
What might be the case (but lacking concise info I'm left to guessing) ist that bos.rte is downlevel (as improbable as this sounds) to the rest of the machine. use the procedure laid out at the top thread in this forum and find out if this is the case.

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