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Operating Systems AIX LED Code
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Old 12-03-2007
Many thanks for the link. That must be one of the most useful PDF files I have seen. Why do IBM keep such documents secret? Rhetorical question!
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Old 12-03-2007
Originally Posted by johnf
Why do IBM keep such documents secret? Rhetorical question!
Actually this is a very good question! Alas, the bad news is that IBM keeps changing their link adresses at least two times a week. I have long stopped counting how often i have searched for the latest adress of Fixdist Central and other vital AIX-links only to find them *almost* where i would have never searched them. ;-))

This is why i told you the words to search for and not the hits themselves: they are to change without notice and most of my saved links to the IBM sites like "publib.boulder...." only say "this page has been moved" without any hint where it has been moved at all.

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