Purified binary is not leaking

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Purified binary is not leaking

I am working on a project which uses 64-bit capability of AIX. This is
very recently ported to 64-bit and leaking like anything now. I purified
the program on 64-bit and ran it, purify is not showing any leak.
Even memory usage has become very normal in purified binary compared to my
binary which leaks 100 MB in span of 10 mins. Any idea what is the problem,
I feel something terribly wrong with my program.
I am working on AIX 5.3 and PurifyPlus version is purify.aix.
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C ?
C++ ?
xlc ?
xlc_r ?
gcc ?
g++ ?

What compile options do you use with purify and what when normal.

With purify are you using totally different C/C++ runtime libraries?

Have you tried seeing if it's a low level API with a few test cases, eg I have an environment (*not* AIX) where realloc leaks like a sieve.

Also, if C++ can you confirm all destructors are getting called?

Have you tried a different compiler family?

Is the program multithreaded and not cleaning up thread local storage, or using pthread_cleanup_push/pthread_cleanup_pop?
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It is c program on AIX, I am using xlc_r for compilation. I am not using any
special options with purify to compile, rather just calling purify on binary to create purified binary.
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