Community Project AIX - All Intricacies eXplained

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Operating Systems AIX Community Project AIX - All Intricacies eXplained
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Community Project AIX - All Intricacies eXplained

Hi everybody!

In general the documentation of AIX is well done and rather complete. Still, there are a few undocumented parts of AIX and some of the undocumented commands offer things you just can't get done the "official" way. We once talked about collecting the information we collectively have about these parts to document what IBM doesn't want us to know.

So, after some discussion today with my venerable colleague agent.kgb we decided to start this as a community project. Welcome to project

AIX - All Intricacies eXplained

The rules are quite simple: i will maintain a pinned thread with a list of undocumented commands here and whoever wants to write documentation for it can open a thread and do so. I will link these threads to the commands entry in the list so that they can easily be found.

You can always change your own posts therefore, as the "maintainer" of a commands documentation i suggest to update the first post of your thread so that it always reflects the status of the discussion going on below.

We will make up additional procedures as we go along, no need to overorganize ourselves.

You might have noticed a few threads marked "[Missing Manual]" from agent.kgb. These are already part of the project. If you have contributions to these commands, just answer there.

Biggest rule of this project, though - and one i will strictly enforce:

Have fun!


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