The Missing AIX Documentation Project

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Operating Systems AIX The Missing AIX Documentation Project
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The Missing AIX Documentation Project

Welcome to

AIX - All Intricacies eXplained

List of AIX commands lacking documentation:
  • mkinstallp (create installable packages)
  • imfs (create FS entries in /etc/filesystems)
  • getlvodm (get LVM information from LVCB and ODM)
  • ldeletepv (delete phantom disks from ODM)
  • lqueryvg (lists various VG information)
  • realpath (translate path to absolute form)
  • dmpdt_chrp (dump OpenFirmware device tree)
  • /usr/lib/nls/lstz (list timezone information)

If you want this list to be expanded, send me (or any other moderator) a message or post here. If you want to write documentation for a command: just do so. We will link your thread gladly to the command here so that your work is easily found.


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mkinstallp - A search on the IBM Knowledge Center website comes up with links for AIX 7.1 and 7.2

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Link: IBM Knowledge Center - Search
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