Configuring Network Printer in IBM AIX

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Operating Systems AIX Configuring Network Printer in IBM AIX
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Old 04-03-2006
Configuring Network Printer in IBM AIX


We have two IBM pSeires servers running IBM AIX. I want to configure the IBM servers to print on the network printer.

Here is the following configuration

IBM Server-I IP Add:
IBM Server-II IP Add:
Network Printer IP Add:

I'm new to IBM AIX OS. I'm accessing the servers via telnet from my administration PC (Windows XP)

Can u please help me on this the soonest possible?

We have also a printer attached to one of our server running NCR Unix. Can I configure the IBM server to print on the printer which is attached to the NCR server?

Please point me if any other option is available which is easy to configure.

Thanx in advance,

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