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hpionIBMblade(1)						      OpenHPI							  hpionIBMblade(1)

hpionIBMblade - An openhpi sample application that shows how two (2) openhpi plugins can be used to display and manage resources of an IBM Blade with Basedboard Management Controller (BMC). SYNOPSIS
hpionIBMblade [ -x ] DESCRIPTION
hpionIBMblade shows how two (2) openhpi plugins can be used to display and manage resources of an IBM Blade with Basedboard Management Controller (BMC). Both the ipmi and snmp_bc plugin have the same IBM Blade target. Resources from both plugins are combined to show a complete view of the IBM Blade. @@ WARNING @@ RESTRICTIONS @@ WARNING @@ RESTRICTIONS @@ WARNING @@ RESTRICTIONS @@ This client application is designed to run **only** inband on an IBM Blade with Basedboard Management Controller (BMC) OPTIONS
-x Display debug messages. SAMPLE CONFIGURATION FILE
handler libipmi { entity_root = "{SYSTEM_CHASSIS,2}" name = "smi" addr = 0 } handler libsnmp_bc { host = "" version = "3" community = "bc_community" entity_root = "{SYSTEM_CHASSIS,1}" security_name = "myid" passphrase = "mypassword" security_level = "authNoPriv" auth_type = "MD5" } SEE ALSO
Authors of this man page: Peter D Phan ( 2.14.1 2009-11-23 hpionIBMblade(1)

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hpithres(1)							      OpenHPI							       hpithres(1)

hpithres - This sample openhpi application interactively displays sensors and sensor info. SYNOPSIS
hpithres [-D nn] [-N host[:port]] [-C <cfgfile>] [-X] [-h] hpithres [--domain=nn] [--host=host[:port]] [--cfgfile=file] [--debug] [--help] DESCRIPTION
hpithres interactively displays sensor info for resources with Sensor Capability. Resources, sensors,and sensor info can be individually selected. If no domain or host is selected, hpithres uses the default domain as specified in the openhpiclient.conf file. OPTIONS
Help Options: -h, --help Show help options Application Options: -D nn, --domain=nn Select domain id nn -X, --debug Display debug messages -N "host[:port]", --host="host[:port]" Open session to the domain served by the daemon at the specified URL (host:port). This option overrides the OPENHPI_DAEMON_HOST and OPENHPI_DAEMON_PORT environment variables. If host contains ':' (for example IPv6 address) then enclose it in square brackets. For example: "[::1]" or "[::1]:4743". -C "file", --cfgfile="file" Use passed file as client configuration file. This option overrides the OPENHPICLIENT_CONf environment variable. SEE ALSO
hpi_shell hpialarms hpifan hpipower hpitop hpidomain hpigensimdata hpireset hpitree hpiel hpiiinv hpisensor hpiwdt hpievents hpionIBMblade hpisettime hpixml ohdomainlist ohhandler ohparam AUTHORS
Authors of this man page: Peter D Phan ( Ulrich Kleber ( Anton Pak ( 3.2.1 2011-09-20 hpithres(1)

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