Udp_sendspace setting in AIX diff interfaces

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Operating Systems AIX Udp_sendspace setting in AIX diff interfaces
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Old 03-18-2014
Udp_sendspace setting in AIX diff interfaces


would like to set udp_sendspace parameters in diferrent interface ent2 ent3 ent4 ,
no -p -o udp_sendspace=65536

just set on ent2 and
chdev -l ent3 -a udp_sendspace=65536

doesn't work

is that possible to set up this parameters by interface?
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Old 03-19-2014
No...those are kernel parameters. Do an lsattr -El ent3 to see what you can do on the interface. These values are stored in the ODM
[josephgr@josephgr josephgr] lsattr -El ent0
alt_addr        0x000000000000  ALTERNATE ETHERNET address               True
busintr         6               Bus interrupt level                      False
busio           0xbff800        Bus I/O address                          False
fast_reset      yes             Enable Fast Reset                        True
intr_priority   3               Interrupt priority                       False
ip_gap          96              Inter-Packet Gap                         True
mcast_filter    no              Enable Multicast Filtering               True
media_speed     100_Full_Duplex Media Speed                              True
poll_link       no              Enable Link Polling                      True
poll_link_timer 500             Time interval for Link Polling           True
rx_hog          1000            RX buffers processed per RX interrupt    True
rx_que_size     256             RECEIVE queue size                       True
rxbuf_pool_size 384             RECEIVE buffer pool size                 True
slih_hog        10              Interrupt events processed per interrupt True
tx_que_size     8192            TRANSMIT queue size                      True
use_alt_addr    no              Enable ALTERNATE ETHERNET address        True

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
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