Unable to extend volume group(VG)

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Operating Systems AIX Unable to extend volume group(VG)
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Old 02-03-2014
Hi Joe, I understand the LUN size was changed, so the device has to be scanned again to report the change and after perhaps there will be some chvg with fancy options.. but since we know nothing about the disks subsystem...
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Old 02-03-2014
If that is the case, you are correct VBE and the OP should use chvg -g to have the new size be recognized.
And Joey you are correct too - a PV can only belong to one VG.

When you have run chvg -g and you see that the VG size is increased (check Total or Free PPs), you can do a chfs -a size=+20G /yourfilesystem if you want to extend a specific filesystem.

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Old 02-03-2014
are you making the disk larger from the SAN and then looking to see the disk change in AIX? or are you assigning a new disk to AIX and then extending the VG?

will work if you are combining two disk into one vg. Based on your outputs I did not see any new PV's.

if you are adding a new disk to the system you would then use:

extendvg oravg <New_PV>

I'm not to sure where the "20" came from.


extendvg oravg hdisk3

if you added the space directly to the PV and you are not seeing the change (not recommended) and you are not seeing this try the following:

unmount all filesystems
varyoffvg oravg 
rmdev <hdisk> 
and then run cfgmgr
mount back filesystems

if it still fails you might want to check with the san team to ensure they added the LUN correctly with the correct WWPN

if you are not assigning it directly to that storage and you are actually assigning it to a new PV and you are just not seeing it, can you run this command and send the output:

lsdev -Cc disk

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Old 02-04-2014
His cfgmgr output doesn't list a new PV so it seems he is trying to enlarge an existing PV/LUN which has been added some space on the SAN side.
I bet the 20 is GB, since there is no hdisk20 listed and hdisk2 is already part of a VG.
The OP has misinterpret the function of extendvg.

@Murali: It would be nice, if you enlighten us if we are on the right track and if you got along with your problem or not.
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Old 02-05-2014
Yes,the above is correct

---------- Post updated at 08:13 AM ---------- Previous update was at 08:09 AM ----------

I would like to add number of PPS to ORAVG volume

bash-3.2# chvg -g oravg
0516-1382 chvg: Volume group is not changed. None of the disks in the
        volume group have grown in size.
0516-732 chvg: Unable to change volume group oravg.

bash-3.2# extendvg -f oravg hdisk2
0516-029 extendvg: The Physical Volume is a member of a currently
        varied on Volume Group and this cannot be overidden.
0516-1397 extendvg: The physical volume hdisk2, will not be added to
the volume group.
0516-792 extendvg: Unable to extend volume group.

bash-3.2# lsvg -p oravg
hdisk2            active            1687        169         00..00..00..00..169

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Old 02-05-2014
Thats is because the system doest not know things have changed... run cfgmgr and see after if your PV is of same size... and its not an extendvg you need but chvg -g but this will work ONLY once the system has seen the change!
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Old 02-05-2014
+1 to what vbe said.

when using extendvg you are saying you want to combine 2 or more hdisk into one vg. this is not to actually increase the size of the vg. ok so according to your first post you did try

and you did not see the change.

using extendvg would be used if you had assinged a new disk and then wanted to combine that disk to oravg.
usage would be:
extendvg oravg hdisk3 (or whatever the new disk number is)

This is not your case.

do try this:
unmount all filesystems within the oravg
(use lsvg -l oravg) 
varyoffvg oravg
lspv - make sure the vg is not in active state
run cfgmgr
lspv - see if the vg came back online
if it didn't use varyonvg oravg and lspv again to ensure the vg is active
lsvg oravg
confirm the vg has the disk change.

if you are not seeing the disk changes make sure the disk changes are made correctly.
how are you assigning the disk changes? are you using SAN or assigned to the vio, NPIV?
send the output of:

lsdev -Cc disk |grep hdisk2

highly suggest reviewing the man pages before using these commands:

chvg -g and cfgmgr

are not seeing the change I'm going to strongly suggest to review how the storage was added.
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