Unmirrorvg problem encounter

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Operating Systems AIX Unmirrorvg problem encounter
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Old 11-06-2013
Unmirrorvg problem encounter

good Day everyone!
I issue a command unmirrorvg
  unmirrorvg appvg hdisk3

There's no response whether it is successfully unmirror but when I check the lsvg -l appvg, it seems the hdisk3 still active.

Then I issues another reducevg command to exclude out the disk from vg

 reducevg appvg hdisk3

root:/#reducevg appvg hdisk13
0516-016 ldeletepv: Cannot delete physical volume with allocated
        partitions. Use either migratepv to move the partitions or
        reducevg with the -d option to delete the partitions.
0516-884 reducevg: Unable to remove physical volume hdisk13.

root:/#reducevg -d appvg hdisk3
0516-914 rmlv: Warning, all data belonging to logical volume
        appvglv02 on physical volume hdisk3 will be destroyed.
rmlv: Do you wish to continue? y(es) n(o)? y

0516-1008 rmlv: Logical volume appvglv02 must be closed.  If the logical
        volume contains a filesystem, the umount command will close
        the LV device.

0516-884 reducevg: Unable to remove physical volume hdisk3.

:: The appvg still in ACTIVE while unmirrorvg is running.

Appreciate if you can help on this. Thanks in Advance.
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Old 11-06-2013

the output of lsvg -p, lsvg -l and lsvg -m would be helpfull.

Please be carefull one time you tried to remove hdisk3 and another time hdisk13.

It is possible that the mirror strictness isn't enforced.

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Old 11-06-2013
devdss1@root:/#lsvg -p appvg
hdisk3            active            136         112         28..16..14..27..27
hdisk8            active            136         0           00..00..00..00..00
hdisk9            active            136         0           00..00..00..00..00
hdisk10           active            136         0           00..00..00..00..00
hdisk11           active            136         0           00..00..00..00..00
hdisk4            active            136         0           00..00..00..00..00
hdisk5            active            136         0           00..00..00..00..00
hdisk6            active            136         50          00..25..25..00..00
hdisk13           active            47          1           00..00..00..00..01
hdisk16           active            1499        1065        204..24..287..300..250

devdss1@root:/#lsvg -l appvg
LV NAME             TYPE       LPs     PPs     PVs  LV STATE      MOUNT POINT
appvglv09           jfs2       50      50      1    open/syncd    /OUTBOUND
appvglv02           jfs2       110     110     2    open/syncd    /IISProject/Project3
appvglv03           jfs2       5       5       1    open/syncd    /home/dssinst3
appvglv04           jfs2       10      10      1    open/syncd    /opt/ibm/TWA3
loglv00             jfs2log    1       1       1    open/syncd    N/A
appvglv05           jfs2       100     100     1    open/syncd    /Scratch3
appvglv06           jfs2       200     200     2    open/syncd    /Resource3
appvglv07           jfs2       546     546     6    open/syncd    /prd3
appvglv08           jfs2       384     384     5    open/syncd    /dev3

devdss1@root:/#lsvg -m appvg
Logical Volume    Copy 1            Copy 2            Copy 3
appvglv09         None              None              None
appvglv02         None              None              None
appvglv03         None              None              None
appvglv04         None              None              None
loglv00           None              None              None
appvglv05         None              None              None
appvglv06         None              None              None
appvglv07         None              None              None
appvglv08         None              None              None

devdss1@root:/#lslv -l appvglv02
PV                COPIES        IN BAND       DISTRIBUTION
hdisk16           086:000:000   100%          000:086:000:000:000
hdisk3            024:000:000   45%           000:011:013:000:000
devdss1@root:/#lslv -l appvglv07
PV                COPIES        IN BAND       DISTRIBUTION
hdisk16           036:000:000   66%           000:024:012:000:000
hdisk8            136:000:000   19%           028:027:027:027:027
hdisk9            136:000:000   19%           028:027:027:027:027
hdisk10           136:000:000   19%           028:027:027:027:027
hdisk11           056:000:000   48%           002:027:027:000:000
hdisk13           046:000:000   19%           010:009:009:009:009

hdisk16 is the BIG disk support to mirror all existing disk from the particular vg (ie. appvg), is this feasible ?

my mirrorrvg command is nohup mirrorvg appvg hdisk16 &

---------- Post updated at 04:37 AM ---------- Previous update was at 04:34 AM ----------

for your information hdisk16 is my NEW SAN Storage provision DISK and would like to mirrored from existing vg which contains multiple disks.
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Old 11-06-2013
Hi ckwan,

okay all LVs seems to be unmirrord but some LPs from appvglv02 are reside on hdisk3. Bevor You can remove this disk, You need to migrate these LPs to another disk.
migratepv hdisk3 <some other hdisk with enough free LPs>

In Your case maybe hdisk6?
migratepv hdisk3 hdisk6

Befor You can start mirroring to hdisk16, make sure that hdisk16 is completly free. This is currently NOT the case. It seems there are not enough free PVs on the other disks in the appvg. I think you need one more disk or extend the size of one of the other.

PS: Background-Mirroring can be achived with:
mirrorvg -S appvg hdisk16

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Old 11-06-2013
Use lspv -l hdisk3 to see what LVs are on that disk if you are confused as to what is where. The unmirrorvg command does not necessarily empty a disk.

You are assuming that all the LVs that had partitions on hdisk3 were mirrored elsewhere in the first place.

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Old 11-06-2013
Why are you running unmirrorvg command in 1st place?
Looking at your lsvg -l appvg output, they are not mirrored.

As Xray suggested you have to run migratepv -l lvname <src-hdisk> <dest-hdisk>

Make sure the LV are in consistent state (synced)
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Old 11-06-2013
Thanks for all input. I suspect first action when I did mirrorvg appvg hdisk16, didn't seems all mirror over to new disk. Yes next time I shall check before I perform unmirrorvg.
What's reason mirrorvg does not mirror properly as wanted ?
Anyway suggestion given by Xray using migratepv old_disk new_disk is working. All old existing disk had successfully migrated to new disk. Thank You!
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