Need to get the next day's date of the user entered date

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Operating Systems AIX Need to get the next day's date of the user entered date
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Old 10-27-2013
Lightbulb Need to get the next day's date of the user entered date

I need to get the next day's date of the user entered date

for example:
Enter date (yyyy/mm/yy): 

I need to get the next day's date of the user entered date

Desired Output:

Though there are ways to achieve this is Linux or Unix environment (date command) ,I need to achieve this in AIX 6.1 version machine with ksh88.
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Old 10-27-2013
Search for perderabos "datecalc" script here at this site. He was quite exhaustive in his date arithmetics and he does all that with standard Unix- and Shell-commands, not GNU-extensions.

I hope this helps.

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