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how to Enable VxDMP & Disable MPIO?

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Operating Systems AIX how to Enable VxDMP & Disable MPIO?
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Old 07-26-2012
[Solved] how to Enable VxDMP & Disable MPIO?

Hello people.
I am new to AIX & dealing with VxDMP.

The server has AIX 7.1, storage is Hitachi. I have 4 paths from my server to the array. However, the vxdmp shows only single path. I went through some discussions & realized that it is because of MPIO.

I did following -

* Uninstalled Vx Stack
* Removed disks using rmdev -dl disk
* Installed the Object Data Manager (ODM) definitions for the devices on the host. (Hitachi)
* Reboot server
* Re-Install Vx

Still no avail! Only single path is seen.
Am I missing something?

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We nailed it!

Some mistake on my part.

>> Installed the Object Data Manager (ODM) definitions for the devices on the host. (Hitachi)

Apparently, I had installed "MPIO ODM" instead of "non-MPIO ODM's"

Uninstalling the MPIO ODM & installing non-MPIO ODMs (followed by cfgmgr) solved the issue.

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