Duplicates in bootlist

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Operating Systems AIX Duplicates in bootlist
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Old 09-26-2011

Thanks, zaxxon
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Remove duplicated bootlist entries

Hello. I have a server with 2 boot disk but in the bootlist there are 5 paths of one disk but no path of the other. How can I remove paths from one disk to insert paths from the other disk? Thanks in advance. server074:root:/# bootlist -om normal hdisk0 blv=hd5 pathid=0 hdisk0... (7 Replies)
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2. Shell Programming and Scripting

Do Not Output Duplicates

Mac OS 10.9 Let me preface this by saying this is not for marketing or spamming purposes. I have a script that scans all the email messages in a directory (~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes) and outputs a single column list of email addresses. This will run multiple times a day and append the output... (3 Replies)
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

Remove duplicates

I have a file with the following format: fields seperated by "|" title1|something class|long...content1|keys title2|somhing class|log...content1|kes title1|sothing class|lon...content1|kes title3|shing cls|log...content1|ks I want to remove all duplicates with the same "title field"(the... (3 Replies)
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Help in removing duplicates

I have an input file abc.txt with info like: abcd rateuse inklite robet rateuse abcd I need to remove duplicates from the file (eg: abcd,rateuse) from the file and need to place the contents in same file abc.txt if needed can be placed in another file. can anyone help me in this :( (4 Replies)
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5. Emergency UNIX and Linux Support

Removing all the duplicates

i want to remove all the duplictaes in a file.I dont want even a single entry. For the input data: 12345|12|34 12345|13|23 3456|12|90 15670|12|13 12345|10|14 3456|12|13 i need the below data in one file 15670|12|13 and the below data in another file (9 Replies)
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6. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers


Hi, How to eliminate the duplicate values in unix? I have a excel file which contains duplicate values. Need to use this in a script. Thanks in advance. (3 Replies)
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7. Shell Programming and Scripting

Non Duplicates

I have input file like below. I00789524 0213 5212 D00789524 0213 5212 I00778787 2154 5412 The first two records are same(Duplicates) except I & D in the first character. I want non duplicates(ie. 3rd line) to be output. How can we get this . Can you help. Is there any single AWK or SED... (3 Replies)
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getting duplicates

how to get duplicates in a file containing data in columns using command or scripting? (4 Replies)
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9. AIX

Can't alter bootlist

Made a sysback tape backup on our 595 running 4.1.5 but when trying to do a restore discovered that rmt0 not in bootlist(s). Tried to alter both the normal and service bootlists but system wont respond to F7(commit). Erased the service boolist then tried alter again, same result. Now have... (2 Replies)
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10. AIX

Weird bootlist output

just setup a new system today - 9117 570, using HMC for console but not partitioned. I installed this system twice. the first time it started off as 5300-00, then updated to ML03. before the update, I believe I mirrored the rootvg, and then altered the bootlist, at that point, the display was... (4 Replies)
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ppmtosixel - convert a portable pixmap into DEC sixel format SYNOPSIS
ppmtosixel [-raw] [-margin] [ppmfile] DESCRIPTION
Reads a portable pixmap as input. Produces sixel commands (SIX) as output. The output is formatted for color printing, e.g. for a DEC LJ250 color inkjet printer. If RGB values from the PPM file do not have maxval=100, the RGB values are rescaled. A printer control header and a color assignment table begin the SIX file. Image data is written in a compressed format by default. A printer control footer ends the image file. OPTIONS
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Upon rescaling, truncation of the least significant bits of RGB values may result in poor color conversion. If the original PPM maxval was greater than 100, rescaling also reduces the image depth. While the actual RGB values from the ppm file are more or less retained, the color palette of the LJ250 may not match the colors on your screen. This seems to be a printer limitation. SEE ALSO
ppm(5) AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 1991 by Rick Vinci. 26 April 1991 ppmtosixel(1)

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