How to check the LPAR in a AIX box ?

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Operating Systems AIX How to check the LPAR in a AIX box ?
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Old 09-15-2011
How to check the LPAR in a AIX box ?

I have login into a server, and when i launch this command uname -L.
I can see there is a LPAR.

But is there anymore commands i can use to get more information on the LPAR ?
like it is VIO ?
wat the IP address ?
etc, etc.

please help. Thank you.
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Old 09-15-2011
There is plenty commands for different infos.
If you are on a VIO you can try something like
ioslevel (as padmin)
/usr/ios/cli/ioscli ioslevel (as root)

to see what current level this VIO has - if it is no VIO, you will get some message that tells you that this command can't be found.

On a normal AIX LPAR you can use oslevel -s instead.
For more info you can use commands like lsconf/prtconf, lparstat -i, lsdev. To get info about IP-Adresses you can try ifconfig -a.

There is plenty more information one can list but you have to be more precise in what you are looking for and you should read some administration handbooks/Redbooks to get familiar with AIX.
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Old 09-16-2011
Hi Zaxxon,

The problem is how to get into the VIO ?
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Old 09-19-2011
You log into a VIO with "padmin".
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Old 09-19-2011
Hi Zaxxon,

thank you for replying, you say login into the VIO. does that mean we can just telnet to the IP adress ?

the issue is how to check the IP for the VIO ?

---------- Post updated at 02:43 AM ---------- Previous update was at 02:26 AM ----------

it is possible to check if the LPAR is up and running or not ?

---------- Post updated at 07:57 AM ---------- Previous update was at 02:43 AM ----------

root@ESSCU-DB01:/# lparstat -i
Node  Name                                  : esscu-db01
Partition  Name                             : 65-B5FCC
Partition  Number                           :  1
Type                                       :  Dedicated-SMT
Mode                                       : Capped
Entitled  Capacity                          : 4,00
Partition  Group-ID                         : 32769
Shared Pool  ID                             : -
Online Virtual CPUs                         : 4
Maximum Virtual CPUs                       : 4
Minimum Virtual  CPUs                       : 0
Online Memory                              :  7808 MB
Maximum Memory                             : 8192 MB
Minimum  Memory                             : 128 MB
Variable Capacity  Weight                   : -
Minimum Capacity                           :  0,00
Maximum Capacity                           : 4,00
Capacity  Increment                         : 1,00
Maximum Physical CPUs in  system            : 4
Active Physical CPUs in system             :  4
Active CPUs in Pool                        : -
Unallocated  Capacity                       : -
Physical CPU Percentage                     : 100,00%
Unallocated Weight                         : -

Can anyone tell me anythng about this server, from the IBM website, it shows this is a dedicated LPAR.

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Old 11-06-2011
How you are logging to that server without IP? do you have HMC?
Just seeing the hostname i am quite sure it is not a VIO..
have you checked prtconf ?
lsdev -Cc disk

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Old 11-07-2011
I am a bit puzzled like gito - if you don't know the IP of your system (which is rather strange if it is your environment), open up a terminal from your HMC as gito implied.
Per default there is no sshd running on VIO - so try to connect via telnet. Sorry but why do you ask this and just do not try it out if telnet or ssh is responding???

About the listing: What exactly do you want to know?

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