Striped FS , need to add new disks

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Operating Systems AIX Striped FS , need to add new disks
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Old 09-08-2011
Striped FS , need to add new disks


I have a filesystem that is created on a VG with 12 disks. The FS is striped on these disks. Now I have to add 10 more disks to this volume group to help increase the space of the same FS that is striped. How should I add these disks to the Vg and i need these disks to be added such the FS is striped on these disks as well plus I dont want to lose the data on this FS.

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Old 09-08-2011
If the LV that FS is based on has a stripe width of 12, you have to add another 12 disks to increase it.
Unlike with PP level "striping" (maximum inter policy), you can not add any smaller number to the VG and the LV will just take what is available.
If you can not add 12 disks due to whatever reason, you can migrate the data to another (already predefined) LV with a smaller stripe width. cplv is able to do that. You would specify the target LV that you already created on the 10 disk, it accepts it regardless if there is striping or not.
A downtime is required for the activity, since you can not copy open LVs and need to chfs and remount the file system.
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