mq upgrade from version 6 to 7 in aix server

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Operating Systems AIX mq upgrade from version 6 to 7 in aix server
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Old 07-15-2011
mq upgrade from version 6 to 7 in aix server

What are the steps to be followed when upgrading MQ version from 6 to 7 in aix server?

cbsdbprd01 [/] # oslevel -s

cbsdbprd01 [/] # lslpp -l | grep -i mq

mqm.base.runtime COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Runtime for
mqm.base.samples COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Samples
mqm.base.sdk COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Base Kit for
mqm.client.rte COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Client for AIX COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Java Client, JMS
mqm.keyman.rte COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Support for GSKit
mqm.msg.en_US COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Messages - U.S.
mqm.server.rte COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Server
mqm.txclient.rte COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Extended
mqsi61 COMMITTED IBM WebSphere Message Broker
mqsi61.brokerc COMMITTED Broker Component
mqsi61.brokerf COMMITTED Broker Feature
mqsi61.cfgmgrc COMMITTED Config. Manager Component
mqsi61.cfgmgrf COMMITTED Config. Manager Feature
mqsi61.core COMMITTED Core Component COMMITTED Data Component
mqsi61.datadirect COMMITTED DataDirect Component
mqsi61.disthub COMMITTED DistHub Component COMMITTED Integration Services Component
mqsi61.itlm COMMITTED ITLM Component COMMITTED LA Component
mqsi61.links COMMITTED Links Component
mqsi61.mrm COMMITTED MRM Component
mqsi61.profiles COMMITTED Profiles Component
mqsi61.samples COMMITTED Samples Component
mqsi61.tsamples COMMITTED Transformation Services
mqsi61.tsc COMMITTED Transformation Services
mqsi61.tsf COMMITTED Transformation Services
mqsi61.unsc COMMITTED UNS Component
mqsi61.unsf COMMITTED UNS Feature
mqm.base.runtime COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Runtime for COMMITTED WebSphere MQ Man Pages - U.S.

My aix server is a single node and not a hacmp node.
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