Dedicate graphics adapter ?

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Operating Systems AIX Dedicate graphics adapter ?
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Old 06-05-2011
Dedicate graphics adapter ?


Runing VIO and couple lpars on POWER blade.
I want to dedicate graphics adapter(ati0) to one lpar. Is that possible ?

I tried to do that using IVM (I/O Adapter Management->View/Modify Physical Adapters->Modify partition assignment):
Failed to remove adapter U78A6.001.WIH4088-P2-C8 from it's current partition due to the following error:

[VIOSE0105FF05-0217] Command /usr/ios/lpm/sbin/lpmdrmgr rmdev -R -d -l pci2 returned 1.  Additional messages: /usr/ios/lpm/sbin/lpmdrmgr rmdev -R -d -l pci2
Method error (/etc/methods/ucfgdevice):
   0514-062 Cannot perform the requested function because the
            specified device is busy.
Command /usr/ios/lpm/sbin/lpmdrmgr drmgr -c phb -s 'PHB 514' -r returned 1.  Additional messages: /usr/ios/lpm/sbin/lpmdrmgr drmgr -c phb -s 'PHB 514' -r

0931-029 The specified slot contains a device or devices that are currently
    configured. Unconfigure the following device or devices with the rmdev
    command and try again.


Then I tried to do it manually:
$ rmdev -dev ati0 -ucfg
Some error messages may contain invalid information
for the Virtual I/O Server environment.

Method error (/etc/methods/ucfgdevice):
        0514-062 Cannot perform the requested function because the
                 specified device is busy.

Then I saw this local display console device and getty running on it:
$ lsdev|grep lft
lft0             Available   Low Function Terminal Subsystem
$ ps -ef|grep lft
root 5634273       1   0 18:11:38   lft0  0:00 /usr/sbin/getty /dev/lft0

So I disabled that process using /etc/inittab and tried again:
$ ps -ef|grep lft
$ rmdev -dev lft0 -ucfg
Method error (/etc/methods/ucfglft):
        0514-062 Cannot perform the requested function because the
                 specified device is busy.
$  rmdev -dev ati0 -ucfg
Method error (/etc/methods/ucfgdevice):
        0514-062 Cannot perform the requested function because the
                 specified device is busy.

I see no more related child devices.
What I'm doing wrong ?

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Old 06-07-2011

Ok this one is solved with IBM forums help. So to remove graphics adapter from VIOs(ati0 in this case):
rmdev -dev rcm0
pdisable lft0
rmdev -dev lft0
rmdev -dev ati0

Now graphics adapter device dedication to lpar should work.
p.s. keyboard device dedication was also needed for lft0 on lpar to work.

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