The largest dump device is too small.

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Operating Systems AIX The largest dump device is too small.
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Old 06-05-2011
The largest dump device is too small.

E87EF1BE   0605150011 P O dumpcheck      The largest dump device is too small.
bash-3.00$ errpt -aj E87EF1BE | more
Date/Time:       Sun Jun  5 15:00:01 GMT+03:00 2011
Sequence Number: 103148
Machine Id:      00C759904C00
Node Id:         oraconb
Class:           O
Type:            PEND
WPAR:            Global
Resource Name:   dumpcheck       
The largest dump device is too small.
Probable Causes
Neither dump device is large enough to accommodate a system dump at this time.
        Recommended Actions
        Increase the size of one or both dump devices.
Detail Data
Largest dump device
Largest dump device size in kb
Current estimated dump size in kb

the the increasing of /var will be the selution .

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Old 06-05-2011
Not exactly, increasing the dumpl LV lg_dumplv will be the solution, can be done with a simple extendlv... Check the second dump device (if any) as well...
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Old 06-12-2011
The largest dump device is too small.

Dear all

i have this error in my AIX and i can't increase the space for the lg_dumplv

is there any way to delete some files to have more space in lg_dumplv

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Old 06-12-2011
This message can be annoying, since the dumps are compressed (assuming you set that - what is the output of sysdumpdev -l?), and the error shows an estimate, it's usually never close to what's actually needed.

If you have no space in the volume group to extend the LV, then either:
  • Add another disk to the volume group
  • Reduce other LV's in the VG, and add the space to the dump device LV
  • Move the dump device to another location where space is available (then, assuming it's in the same VG, you can remove the lg_dumplv, and use it to extend the new location)
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Old 06-17-2011
Yeah that is what you need to do. Add a new disk from san and create the dump lv there. You can have pri and secondary as well if you add mirrored disks.
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