migrating solaris DB servers to AIX - resources ?

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Operating Systems AIX migrating solaris DB servers to AIX - resources ?
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Old 11-03-2009
migrating solaris DB servers to AIX - resources ?

Hi Guys,

I have a new project where I have to migrate about 150+ database environments from various solaris systems running Solaris 8 / 10 and residing on very different sun boxes (from 25k down to ancient/unsupported hardware) to AIX (power6).

As special bonus for me, about half of these DBs are supposed to become migrated to Oracle once stable as Sybase DBs on AIX.

I know that I can use the RPE2 values to estimate the cpu requirements - but since the memory needs on Solaris seem pretty different from AIX, is there any safe way to estimate at least roughly the memory needs on AIX? For Sybase I can probably choose the value that's assigned to ASE and add 2-4 GB memory for the system and should be safe - but what do I do with oracle since here the memory usage seems to be highly depending on the DB connections and what they're doing?

Has anybody done similar tasks in the past and would be happy to share experiences.

Thank you and regards
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Old 11-03-2009
I'm in the midst of a similar project. I used the following script to determine shared memory usage on Solaris hosts for Sybase and Oracle. I ran this several times a day on each host, though the numbers really didn't change much. I found this to be much better than utilizing what the DB was configured to use, as this will show what the DB actually utilizes.

if ipcs -ma | grep sybase > /dev/null ; then
  echo Sybase
  ipcs -ma  | grep sybase | awk '{ T+=($10/1024/1024) } END { print T }'
elif ipcs -ma | grep oracle > /dev/null ; then
  echo Oracle
  ipcs -ma  | grep oracle | awk '{ T+=($10/1024/1024) } END { print T }'

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