Unmount strongly command

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Operating Systems AIX Unmount strongly command
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Old 10-27-2009
Unmount strongly command

Dear Guy's

I'm making script to easier my work to mount and unmount some file systems

I'm executing this command umount -f /file_system

To unmount the file system but some times is not allow the un mounting

it's giving me device is busy ...

I want to know is there any another command to un mount the file system strongly...
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Old 10-27-2009
It never works when I needed it either. Use fuser and/or lsof to find out which process still has a file open on that FS and try to stop that process 1st.
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Old 10-27-2009
yes as Zaxxon mentioned


1. To list the process numbers of local processes using the /etc/passwd file, enter:

fuser /etc/passwd

2. To list the process numbers and user login names of processes using the /etc/filesystems file, enter:

fuser -u /etc/filesystems

3. To terminate all of the processes using a given file system, enter:

fuser -k -x -u -c /dev/hd1


fuser -kxuc /home

Either command lists the process number and user name, and then terminates each process that is using the /dev/hd1 (/home) file system. Only the root user can terminate processes that belong to another user. You might want to use this command if you are trying to unmount the /dev/hd1 file system and a process that is accessing the /dev/hd1 file system prevents this.
4. To list all processes that are using a file which has been deleted from a given file system, enter:

fuser -d /usr

and for AIX lsof see here

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