Cancelling Reorgvg

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Operating Systems AIX Cancelling Reorgvg
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Old 10-01-2009
Cancelling Reorgvg

hi guys.

Quick and simple question...

Can a reorgvg (aix 5.3) be canceled and what are them impacts if any? I would guess it can be canceled and once restarted, starts back where it left off?

Can't find the info in the man pages or google...

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Old 10-01-2009
Moving thread to the AIX subforum.

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Tbh I don't remember if I ever tried to cancel one. But if it is no big problem for you I would let it run until it is done just to make sure you don't run into problems - LVM can be sometimes sensible. Maybe you have a testing system where you can try it out 1st.
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Old 10-01-2009
Thanks Zaxxon...

I've been letting them go in the past until completion. But we increase a VG yesterday with a couple of newly added LUNs that host an Oracle DBs. Users are complaining about performance degradation during i was wondering if i could stop it and restart it during off hours...
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Old 10-01-2009
unfortunately I can't tell you the official statement, but I have often stopped a running reorgvg without problems, reason ist, reorgvg spawns a new process called lmigratepp, for each pp that needs to be moved

If you kill the reorgvg process, the current lmigratepp process will run until it finishes, and no new one is created

this should not be a problem for your vg

sample process:

root 553032 221214   0 17:43:24  pts/0  0:00 /bin/ksh /usr/sbin/reorgvg
root 811014 553032   8 17:44:10  pts/0  0:00 lmigratepp -g 00c33cbe00004c000000010cb4a74a88 -p 00c33cbea5ee3f22 -n 2 -P 00c33cbea5ee3f22 -N 120

means take vg with the vg identifier 00c33cbe00004c000000010cb4a74a88, and move pp 2 from hdisk with pvid 00c33cbea5ee3f22, to destination 120 on hdisk 00c33cbea5ee3f22

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Old 10-01-2009
I have taken the liberty to change the threads title to make it easier to find when someone searches for archived solutions.

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