File access issue through sftp/winscp

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Operating Systems AIX File access issue through sftp/winscp
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Old 09-29-2009
File access issue through sftp/winscp


I have SSH where I want to restrict browsing for a user "drrep" to the assigned home directory only.So I have put a entry in the sshd_config file as “AllowFiles "drrep:/fcrarch/fl02r/*" as shown in the scrren below. But due to this setting none of the users are able to login through winscp or sftp.When removing the above entry all users along with "drrep" are able to roam in any directory.

SSh version is showing as below:
lslpp -l | grep ssh
openssh.base.client COMMITTED Open Secure Shell Commands
openssh.base.server COMMITTED Open Secure Shell Server
openssh.license COMMITTED Open Secure Shell License COMMITTED Open Secure Shell
openssh.msg.en_US COMMITTED Open Secure Shell Messages -
openssh.base.client COMMITTED Open Secure Shell Commands
openssh.base.server COMMITTED Open Secure Shell Server

Please suggest..It's urgent.
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