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Operating Systems AIX Jfs and jfs2
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Old 09-17-2009
MySQL Jfs and jfs2

Hi all,

Can anyone define the difference between jfs and jfs2 filesystem as well as usage of jfs log files....

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Old 09-17-2009
go through the site for difference between jfs & jfs2

Help -
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Old 09-28-2009
Google has many and very complete answers to your question, you should take a look there...

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Old 09-29-2009
jfs2 is all you need to know there is no real bennifit in using jfs any more
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Old 09-29-2009
the information, that it's not possible reduce the filesystem size of a jfs filesystem while it's mounted should be enough for not using it
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Old 10-10-2009
in jfs number of inodes are fixed,in jfs2 dynamically inodes are generated
jfs inode size will be max 128 bytes ,in jfs2 max size is 512 bytes
jfs have only one log file but jfs2 every FS can have own log file
log file is observe the process in file system
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Old 10-11-2009
only reason for using jfs is need for compression. Else always choose JFS2
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