chvirprt and tray 1

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Operating Systems AIX chvirprt and tray 1
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Old 09-16-2009
chvirprt and tray 1


I'm not able to print on tray 1. I checked the configuration and I get
these 3 options:

$lsvirprt -q print1 -d hp@xprint -a _O

Name Description Value
_O Type of INPUT PAPER HANDLING (backward 1
compatibility purpose only)

$ lsvirprt -q print1 -d hp@xprint -a _u

Name Description Value

$ lsvirprt -q print1 -d hp@xprint -a _Q

Name Description Value
_Q PAPER SIZE override for input paper source %IwQ

But it prints on tray2, my goal is to be able to print on tray 1 and
have to put the papers manually.

Have you any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

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xplsprinters(1x)														  xplsprinters(1x)

xplsprinters - shows a list of Xprint printers and it's attributes SYNOPSIS
xplsprinters [-printer printername] [-d] [-l] [-dump] [-h] DESCRIPTION
xplsprinters is a utility for Xprint, the printing system for the X Window system. It can deliver both a list of printers and attributes supported for a specific list of printers. OPTIONS
-printer printername printer to use -dump dump all available printer attributes -h | -? print usage -d print description for each printer -l list detailed printer attribute information ENVIRONMENT
XPSERVERLIST ${XPSERVERLIST} must be set, identifying the available Xprint servers. See Xprint(7) for more details. EXAMPLES
List all available "X Print Specifiers" (printer names) % xplsprinters would print: printer: hplaserjet001@puck:33 printer: hpcolor4550_004@puck:33 printer: laser19@meridian:19 printer: xp_ps_spooldir_tmp_Xprintjobs@meridian:19 printer: xp_pdf_spooldir_tmp_Xprintjobs@meridian:19 Get information about the supported attributes of printer "ps002": % xplsprinters -printer ps002 -l would print: printer: ps002@castor:18 description= model-identifier=HPDJ1600C default-medium=iso-a4 default-input-tray= medium-source-sizes-supported=iso-a4 false 6.35 203.65 6.35 290.65 medium-source-sizes-supported=na-letter false 6.35 209.55 6.35 273.05 default-printer-resolution=300 resolution=300 default_orientation= orientation=portrait orientation=landscape default_plex= plex=simplex NOTES
The list of builtin fonts supported by a printer can be obtained using the xlsfonts command. SEE ALSO
Xprint(7), X11(7), xprehashprinterlist(1x), xphelloworld(1x), xpxmhelloworld(1x), xpawhelloworld(1x), xpxthelloworld(1x), xpsimplehel- loworld(1x), xlsfonts(1x), Xserver(1x), Xprt(1x), libXp(3x), libXprintUtils(3x), libXprintAppUtils(3x), XmPrintShell(3x), Xaw- PrintShell(3x), Xprint FAQ (, Xprint main site ( 8 October 2004 xplsprinters(1x)