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chvirprt and tray 1

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Operating Systems AIX chvirprt and tray 1
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Old 09-16-2009
chvirprt and tray 1


I'm not able to print on tray 1. I checked the configuration and I get
these 3 options:

$lsvirprt -q print1 -d hp@xprint -a _O

Name Description Value
_O Type of INPUT PAPER HANDLING (backward 1
compatibility purpose only)

$ lsvirprt -q print1 -d hp@xprint -a _u

Name Description Value

$ lsvirprt -q print1 -d hp@xprint -a _Q

Name Description Value
_Q PAPER SIZE override for input paper source %IwQ

But it prints on tray2, my goal is to be able to print on tray 1 and
have to put the papers manually.

Have you any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.


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pcfof(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  pcfof(8)

pcfof - Generic print filter for ANSI, PCL, and multi-language PostScript printers SYNOPSIS
/usr/lbin/pcfof +Bbanner-tray +Cfilename.pcf [-n login] [-h host] [...] [accounting-file] OPTIONS
Use of the print options is dependent on the features available on the print device, and on the current status of those features. For example, selection of a particular paper size and orientation requires that appropriate paper is correctly loaded in the paper trays avail- able on the print device. Options in /etc/printcap Specifies the default tray name to select for printing the banner page. For example: :of=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Bupper +Cln17.pcf: In this example, the banner page will be printed on whatever paper is currently loaded into the upper tray on the selected print device. Specifies the name of the printer configuration file to use for this print job. Specifies the default tray name to select for printing the file. For example: :if=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Iupper +Cln17.pcf: Specifies the default tray name to select for printing the trailer page. For example: :of=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Tlower +Cln17.pcf: This command is useful of you want to use colored paper as a divider between print jobs. Specifies the default tray name to select to place the printed pages. For example: :if=/usr/lbin/pcfof +olower +Cln17.pcf: Print Filter Options Specifies the host name of the job owner. Specifies the amount of indentation. This value controls how far the print image appears from the edge of the page. Specifies the login name of the job owner. Specifies the tray where the printed pages are placed. See the -I option for information on printer configuration files. Specifies the page width in columns. Selects printer features but does not perform any file processing. Specifies the tray name from which print paper is selected. To find the available options, view the printer configura- tion file (.pcf file) specified in the /etc/printcap file by the if entry. For example: :if=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Cln17.pcf: The ln17.pcf pcf file is located in /usr/lbin/pcf/ln17.pcf. The pcf file header provides additional information on available tray options. Specifies the number of sides to print on each sheet. You can specify sides as follows: Print on one side of the sheet. Print on both sides of the sheet. Specifies options related to page orientation and printing of text files. The option-list argu- ment can include one option or multiple options that are separated by commas (no embedded spaces). The following settings for page orientation are valid for both PostScript or text files: The printed output is parallel to the short side of the page. The printed output is parallel to the long side of the page. The following options are available for printing text (not PostScript) files: Print even numbered pages. Reduce the number of lines on a page to n lines. Print odd numbered pages. Perform codeset conversion if codeset-name is different from the codeset component of the current locale and if the appropriate codeset converter is installed on the system. See iconv_intro(5) for information about codeset conversion. Print the pages of a file within the start and end parameters. When start is not specified, printing starts at page 0. When end is not specified, printing continues to the end of the file. The file header may specify additional printer-specific options. (See the description of the -I option for the location of files.) OPERANDS
Specifies the file in which accounting information will be recorded. DESCRIPTION
The pcfof filter is a generic print filter that can be used with text and PostScript files and handle printer device dependencies. The type of printer that the filter is supporting is determined by the printer configuration file (.pcf file) that is specified by the +C option. The Tru64 UNIX product includes files for a variety of printers. In addition, a template file (/usr/lbin/pcf/template.pcf) is available for the system administrator to customize for use with additional printers. The pcfof filter should be specified for both the of and the if entries in the /etc/printcap file. Use the wwpsof filter when you want to print files in languages for which printer-resident fonts are not available. See the wwpsof(8) ref- erence page for more information. EXIT STATUS
An error has occurred. ERRORS
The /etc/printcap error log field, lf, is used to specify the name of the error log file. SEE ALSO
Commands: cancel(1), lpr(1), pr(1), printer(1), pac(8), thailpof(8), wwpsof(8) Files: printcap(4) Others: i18n_printing(5) System Administration pcfof(8)

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