aix 4.2 "compress" : any issues with files bigger then 1Gig ?

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Operating Systems AIX aix 4.2 "compress" : any issues with files bigger then 1Gig ?
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Old 08-29-2009
aix 4.2 "compress" : any issues with files bigger then 1Gig ?

To speed up our backups, I found a way to compress all the backups files without running out of space. But before starting to use this in our procedures, I want to know if the command 'compress' has any issues in AIX 4.2 with files bigger then 1Gig. Our backup files have sizes ranging between 600Mg and 2Gb.

If there should be any issues with compressing such big files with the 'compress' command I want to know.

When using it on 2 backup folders, I did not see any error messages.

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So by not having any replies I can consider that the 'compress' command in AIX 4.2 has no issues with any files of any sizes ?

I'm planning on planning the database backups tomorrow (Sunday) before puting them to tape (tar has no compression options).

In the mean time, I will do a test on a 2Gb file. Copy it and compare it with a decompress version of itself.

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Old 08-31-2009
From what I remember, you had a 2GB limitation in oracle dbf files and export files....What database are you talking of?
If you have 2 GB files, I dont see where you would have issues by compressing them, (archiving may be different since you are adding/increasing size...)
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