Where do I get bos.adt.debug fot AIX 6.1 ?

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Operating Systems AIX Where do I get bos.adt.debug fot AIX 6.1 ?
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Old 08-20-2009
Where do I get bos.adt.debug fot AIX 6.1 ?


Can't find this package anywhere:
Searched all AIX 6.1 CD's - nothing
Serched expansion pack - nothing

Where do I get it ?


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Ok this was my mistake.
bos.adt.debug was inside bos.adt but was named "Base Application Development Debuggers" and only after installation it got name bos.adt.debug.

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Old 08-21-2009
Start from here:

IBM Support: Fix Central

or check the AIX CDs
under bos.adt.*
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