Need to take MKSYSB backup

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Operating Systems AIX Need to take MKSYSB backup
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Old 08-12-2009
Need to take MKSYSB backup


Can any one suggest me how to take the mksysb backup in CD (VCD/DVD). I have tried like #mkcd -d /dev/cd0, but its not working.
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Old 08-12-2009

the below is what our tips and tricks sheet says about doing this. I haven't tested it though since we do not have physical access to our boxes anyway. But you might want to give it a try?


On the server, look for a file system with about 3-5 GB free space.

For the example below, there is a /backup file system with 10GB
free space.

1. Create the directory structure needed by the OS backup procedure

mkdir -p /backup/mkcd/mksysb_image
mkdir -p /backup/mkcd/cd_fs
mkdir -p /backup/mkcd/cd_images

2. Run the OS backup command "smit mkcd". (Note that you could also run
"smit mkdvd" but this requires that you have a DVD writer.)

smitty mkcd

The first screen is a dialogue box asking if you want to use an existing
mksysb image. Answer "no" to this question and press the
ENTER key.

In the smit screen that follows, change the following fields to the
values listed below:

"File system to store mksysb image"
Value: /backup/mkcd/mksysb_image

"File system to store CD file structure"
Value: /backup/mkcd/cd_fs

"File system to store final CD images"
Value: /backup/mkcd/cd_images

Remove final images after creating CD?
Value: no

"Create the CD now?"
Value: no

Execute the command by pressing the ENTER key.

The command will run for a while and then it should indicate that the OS
has been backed-up and the CD images have been created.

Exit the SMIT screen.

Check the images:
cd /backup/mkcd/cd_images
cd_image_123456.vol1 (680MB)
cd_image_123456.vol2 (356MB)

Move (FTP) the images to a system equipped with a CD-writer and burn
them unto blank CD-R CDs.

NOTE: you may need to rename the images for some Windows-based
CD-writing software to recognize them as valid CD images.
e.g., from a command prompt rename the files with:
move cd_image_123456.vol1 cd_image_123456.vol1.iso

(on Windows)
move cd_image_123456.vol2 cd_image_123456.vol2.iso

(on Windows)

mv cd_image_123456.vol1 cd_image_123456.vol1.iso

(on Unix)
mv cd_image_123456.vol2 cd_image_123456.vol2.iso

(on Unix)
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Old 08-17-2009
MySQL How to Create a boot-only CD or DVD for AIX

How to Create a boot-only CD or DVD for AIX:

mkcd and/or mkdvd can be used to create bootable images. Generally, these commands are used to create a bootable mksysb image. But these commands can also be used to create a boot-only CD/DVD that you can use to boot a system and then get into maintaince mode using the information on the failed boot device - e.g. AIX in installed, but not booting. Or you have a tape that is not bootable, Etc..

On any AIX system at the SAME kernel level as the system you are wanting to (re)boot (e.g. 5300-05)
1. # cd /var/adm/ras
2. # ls ./ ./ | backup -ivqf /tmp/fakemksysb
3a: # mkcd -m /tmp/fakemksysb -d /dev/cdX ## X is device number of cd/dvd writer
3b. # mkcd -m /tmp/fakemksysb -S ## will create a .iso formated file in a "default location" - it will not end in .iso Transfer this file to system with a cd/dvd burner and burn the CD

Note that towards the end of the process there will be some installp error messages. You can ignore these. Smilie
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Old 08-21-2009
Sometimes you have to use special CD / DVD media for making backup on it. IT is called DVD RAM ; not any blank CDRW+- will work ...

Try to get a DVD RAM and try making backup. If it fails post here,


Did you know you can burn a bootable mksysb image from your CDRW/DVDRW capable PC or laptop when the server/LPAR doesn't have one available? Here's how:

1. Log in to the server as the root user.
2. Run the smitty mkcd command.
3. Select No from the Use an existing mksysb image menu. Selecting No allows you to create a new system backup that reflects your current running environment.
4. Select the options that are appropriate to your environment from the Back Up This System to CD menu. You can also leave the default options as they are.
5. Select Yes for the Do you want the CD to be bootable option.
6. Select No for the Remove final images after creating CD option.
7. Select No for the Create the CD now option.
8. Press Enter to begin the system backup creation when you finish making selections. When the operation completes successfully, there is a file or files located in the /mkcd/cd_images directory.
9. FTP (binary mode) the ISO backup image to your PC or laptop. (you may need to change the file extension to be .iso prior to burning the image on to CD.)
10. Create a bootable CD from the ISO backup image using your CD-burning software

IF /mkcd/cd_images is already there and mounted this procedure will not work. do the following:
1. umount /mkcd/cd_images
2. remove the lv associated to the mount
3. rm -r /mkcd/cd_images
4. Now restart the smitty mkcd

Now you have a bootable CD or DVD created from your PC. its just that easy.

Command: OK stdout: yes stderr: no

Before command completion, additional instructions may appear below.

Initializing mkcd log: /var/adm/ras/mkcd.log...
Verifying command parameters...
Creating file...
Creating temporary file system: /mkcd/mksysb_image...
Creating mksysb image...

Creating list of files to back up.

Backing up 61442 files..........

61442 of 61442 files (100%)0512-038 mksysb: Backup Completed Successfully.
Creating temporary file system: /mkcd/cd_fs...
Populating the CD or DVD file system...
Copying backup to the CD or DVD file system...
Building chrp boot image...
Creating Rock Ridge format image: /mkcd/cd_images/cd_image_1282154
Running mkisofs ...
mkrr_fs was successful.

Making the CD or DVD image bootable...

Removing temporary file system: /mkcd/cd_fs...
Removing temporary file system: /mkcd/mksysb_image...


F1=Help F2=Refresh F3=Cancel F6=Command
F8=Image F9=Shell F10=Exit /=Find
n=Find Next


How to burn a bootable DVD on aix 5.3?

aix mksysb cd dvd burn image bootable iso

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