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Running Installp in debug mode

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Operating Systems AIX Running Installp in debug mode
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Old 08-06-2009
I was able to fix this isse.

This was a library path issue. The ssl librarie (libcrypto.a) path was not defined. I added this to the LIBPATH and installation worked..

Thanks for helping


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CHICKEN-INSTALL(1)					      General Commands Manual						CHICKEN-INSTALL(1)

chicken-install - download and install extension libraries for Chicken Scheme SYNOPSIS
chicken-install is a program that downloads, compiles and installs a prepackaged extension library from sources. If no extension name is given on the command-line, then any existing setup scripts in the current directory will be executed in some unspecified order. OPTIONS
Enter chicken-install -help for a list of supported command-line options. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
CHICKEN_PREFIX The installation prefix where CHICKEN Scheme and its support files and libraries are located. Defaults to the installation time pre- fix given when configuring the system. CHICKEN_INSTALL_PREFIX An alternative installation prefix that will be prepended to extension installation paths if specified. CHICKEN_REPOSITORY The path where extension libraries are installed. Defaults to the package-library path selected during configuration (usually /var/lib/chicken/<binary-version> ) DOCUMENTATION
More information can be found in the Chicken User's Manual BUGS
Submit bug reports by e-mail to , preferrably using the chicken-bug tool. AUTHORS
chicken-uninstall(1) chicken-status(1) chicken(1) csc(1) chicken-bug(1) 13 Aug 2008 CHICKEN-INSTALL(1)

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