How to copy files to a LPAR

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Operating Systems AIX How to copy files to a LPAR
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Old 07-29-2009
Error How to copy files to a LPAR

I my environment we have a HMC V7 R3.3.0 which is managing few LPAR's.

Issues is due to some networking issues these LPAR's are not accesable on network & we have to get some information from those LPAR's using scripts.For that we will have to run the scripts in all LPARS managed my the HMC.

Requirement is how one can copy those scripts or files to the LPAR's by physically going into the DataCenter.

Please need an urgent attention in this respect.

Looking forward for quick solutions.

Shubhendu Pyne
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Old 07-29-2009

assuming you have at least one dvd drive per frame - put your scripts onto DVD ram, assign the DVD drive to your lpar, mount it - run scripts - write results back to DVD ram - assign drive to next lpar.

Another option would be to do the same with one of the very very rare usb sticks that indeed run on AIX.

No other ideas entirely without network.

Kind regards
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