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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Hi Post 90601 by mikidimov on Thursday 24th of November 2005 08:35:03 AM
Old 11-24-2005
Network Hi

I have a broken tar archive written on 8 tapes.
The 5th tape return an I/O error and I can`t read the others.
The archive was created with a tape tool from the desktop as a user.
It is Irix 5.3 system software on Indigo station /IP12/.
dxarchiver(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     dxarchiver(8)

dxarchiver - Archives and restores files to and from disk and tape devices SYNOPSIS
/usr/bin/X11/dxarchiver OPTIONS
The Archiver application accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options, which are documented in the OPTIONS section in the X(1X) reference page. DESCRIPTION
Use the Archiver application, dxarchiver, to: Copy and store multiple files to a single, named archive file or output device such as a tape or floppy disk Uncompress incoming archive files and compress newly created files Retrieve stored files from an archive file or device such as a tape or floppy disk Invoke the Archiver application from the CDE Application Manager from the following categories: Application Group: System_Admin System Admin Subgroup: Daily Admin FILES
Defaults that are shared by the GUI and CLI The Archiver application The Archiver help volume Directory containing Archiver application icons Application defaults file that sets the default values for the X resources Archiver message catalog Archiver online help location IDs for on-item help i18n_motif_shared_text.cat Message catalog containing application-independent messages i18n_motif_shared_text_LocIds.cat Message catalog containing application-independent location IDs for on-item help SEE ALSO
Commands: cpio(1), pax(1), tar(1), X(1X) Files: cpio(4), tar(4) System Administration dxarchiver(8)

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