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sysman(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 sysman(8)

sysman - Front end command used to invoke several SysMan services SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/sysman -menu /usr/sbin/sysman -station /usr/sbin/sysman -cli /usr/sbin/sysman -clone /usr/sbin/sysman -help OPTIONS
Launches the SysMan Menu (sysman_menu(8)). Launches the SysMan Station (sysman_station(8)). Command line interface for manipulating sys- tem management data (sysman_cli(8)). Saves and replicates SysMan configuration information for installation cloning (sysman_clone(8)). Cloning is not supported in a cluster environment. Displays help on the sysman command. DESCRIPTION
The sysman command provides a common interface for invoking several SysMan services: A menu driven, task oriented system management tool. SysMan Menu and its associated tasks can run on a character cell terminal, an X Windows display, from a PC, or from a Web browser. A graphical interface for monitoring and managing a single or cluster system. The SysMan Menu and its specific tasks can be launched from the SysMan Station. Provides a generic command line interface to the System Management (SysMan) data. Saves certain SysMan configuration information from a previously configured system and replicate that configuration information across one or more clients. For more information on a specific command, please refer to the specific reference page. For the SysMan Menu and the SysMan Station, you also can refer to the online help. SEE ALSO
Commands: sysman_menu(8), sysman_station(8), sysman_cli(8), sysman_clone(8) System Administration sysman(8)

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atmsetup(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       atmsetup(8)

atmsetup - Configures Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) adapters and services SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/atmsetup [-old] OPTIONS
Invokes the atmsetup script. This option is for backward compatibility, and will be removed in a future release. DESCRIPTION
The atmsetup command by default invokes the SysMan ATM Configuration application. This application enables you to configure and run ATM on your system. Specifically, you can configure network adapters and logical interfaces on the adapters for the following environments: Clas- sical IP, LAN Emulation, and IP Switching. Compaq recommends you use the SysMan application. Note Support for IP Switching will be retired in a future release. Do not use it to develop new applications. During the adapter configuration, you specify the adapter name, the Endpoint System Identifiers (ESIs), pacing options, the type of network physical layer, and whether to enable flow control, Integrated Local Management Interface (ILMI), signaling, and virtual circuit (VC) accounting. In addition, you specify the User-Network Interface (UNI) version. During logical interface configuration, you specify information related to each ATM environment. For Classical IP, you choose whether the system is an ATMARP client or server and whether to configure permanent virtual circuits (PVCs). For LAN Emulation, you choose which emu- lated LAN to join and how to join the emulated LAN. For IP Switching, you specify the Subnetwork Attachment Point (SNAP) VCI number and VCI limits. In all three cases, you change only those default values that your configuration requires. See Asynchronous Transfer Mode for information on configuring ATM and the ATM configuration application online help for more information. Before invoking the atmsetup command, make sure that your system is connected to a switch, the network software is configured and running, ATM is configured into the kernel, and the ATM subsets are installed. After running atmsetup, you must configure the ATM interfaces with the correct IP address and netmask. Select Configure Interfaces from the SysMan menu. See sysman(8) for more information. atmsetup Script If you specify the -old option, the atmsetup script is invoked. This script prompts you for all information that you need to enter in order to configure ATM. The script creates and maintains a directory hierarchy /etc/atm, which contains all the ATM configuration information. The atmsetup script configures the driver and signaling on an ATM end system. In addition, you can configure your system to operate in a Classical IP or Local Area Network (LAN) emulation environment. See Asynchronous Transfer Mode for additional information on configuring ATM on your system. RESTRICTIONS
You must be superuser to use this command. The atmsetup script (-old option) has the following restrictions: You can configure only lis interfaces to support SVCs and elan inter- faces. It supports boot-time configuration only. FILES
Specifies the command pathname The path name containing ATM commands to execute when the system is booted The path name containing ATM com- mands to execute when the system is shut down ATM Configuration Help Volume (SysMan) SEE ALSO
Commands: atmarp(8), atmconfig(8), atmelan(8), atmsig(8), sysman(8), sysman_station(8) Network Administration Asynchronous Transfer Mode atmsetup(8)
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